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What Makes ANDY OnCall® So Unique

ANDY OnCall® is a franchise run like a mom and pop business because let’s face it, that’s exactly what we are and we’re proud of it. Unlike an impersonal franchise, our team provides you with all of the tools you need and the support you want in order to start and maintain a successful business.

We’re Connecting Craftsmen With Homeowners

In a nutshell, ANDY OnCall® connects skilled craftsmen with homeowners who are looking for someone reliable to do their home projects. Our franchise operators qualify and manage handymen who complete small jobs/maintenance for local residential and commercial jobs.

Once the franchisee finds the skilled craftsmen, who are independent contractors, they match their availability and skills with the demands of the customers. This means no employees, no inventory, and less hassle for you!

Franchisees Do What They Do Best

Franchisees are managing customers and the craftsmen, they are not out there swinging the hammer or doing the actual handyman work themselves.

If you’re not a handyman, don’t fret, if you know business, understand the pieces of it, and if you can talk to customers and manage the craftsmen, this franchise might be the perfect match for you.

Why Customers Love ANDY OnCall®

ANDY OnCall® is appealing to homeowners and property managers because unlike our competition who isn’t usually licensed or insured, we are. Not only that, but we offer competitive rates, a one-year warranty on all work, and the assurance of a job done right.

Savvy customers know that calling your average handyman with a truck is risky, and good luck trying to get him back when there is a problem! ANDY OnCall® has taken the concept of your average handyman to the next professional level; our benefits are the driving force behind our higher closing ratio, higher sales, higher profits, and repeat business!

Take a read through the history of ANDY OnCall® to learn about the people behind the business and find out how it all began.

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