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This is Your Golden Opportunity to Make a Change

If you’re like most Americans, you’re a slave to your job and you don’t get to decide when you “get” to take a vacation, or when you can attend your kid’s school play in the mid-afternoon – someone else up the ladder makes these choices for you.

By opening an ANDY OnCall® franchise, your life as an employee changes and you take charge of your own schedule!

Not only is there a low-initial investment as compared to other franchise opportunities, but you truly get to stress less and enjoy your family and your life so much more.

And, one appealing aspect about ANDY OnCall® that distinguishes us from the competition…
whenever you have questions, you can pick up the phone and speak directly to our founder or our president, and THAT is something you just won’t easily find with other franchises!

Industry Analysis and Trends

The handyman franchise industry derives its demand primarily from the residential sector from homeowners and property managers. In the past few years, the industry has benefited from the recent increase in existing home sales and housing prices. Over the next five years, the revenue from the handyman franchise industry is projected to rise so you can embark on an ANDY OnCall® franchise with absolute confidence.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that despite the recession, the construction industry in all forms offers more entrepreneurial opportunities than many other industries. Since savvy customers are always looking for a handyman who is licensed, bonded and insured, this is what we strategically deliver, which only increases the marketability of our valuable services.

We Give Busy Homeowners What They’re Asking For

Today’s homeowners are a different breed than they were in mom and dad’s generation. Modern-day homeowners range from married couples to divorcés, to people that neither have the skills, nor the time to do their own small jobs/maintenance.

Not only that, but with the exploding elderly population, there are millions of retirees living well into their 70s, 80s, and 90s who need honest help with projects around their home. That being said, ANDY OnCall® gives homeowners exactly what they’re asking for.

Americans are seduced by quality craftsmanship, a brand they can trust, and simplicity. It is the insatiable appetite of homeowners and property managers to get their work done by a reputable company that sets us apart from your average handyman.

When it comes to being an ANDY OnCall® franchisee, we have many franchise advantages for you to consider.

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