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Hear It Straight from ANDY OnCall® Franchisees

At ANDY OnCall®, we genuinely care about your success, and as business people ourselves, we understand that you need to do your research and get to know us better before making one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Just as you would prefer to obtain referrals before seeing a new dentist or mechanic, we’d expect you to desire to hear from ANDY OnCall® franchise operators before moving forward. We want you to know what you’re getting into, and to hear about our franchisees’ experiences in their own words.

“Several years ago, I decided to look for a franchise to purchase that would allow me to utilize my management skills as well as my love for home repair and remodeling. With Andy OnCall, I was impressed with the hands-on, family-style the franchisor had in educating me on the demands of being an Andy OnCall franchisee. There were no negative surprises after purchasing the business. Training was well organized, and to this day if I have any questions the people in the home office quickly and efficiently assist us. While several of our competitors have gone out of business, our sales have doubled our original goals. I am in my eighth year of ownership and cannot imagine owning another business. Andy OnCall is a great fit for me and my family.“
Ted Madden, Louisville, KY
“When I began my search for a viable franchise, I first of all wanted to choose a business where demand for its services was both near term as well as long term. Home repair and handyman services fit that bill. With Andy OnCall, you quickly get the feeling that all the associates in the corporate office are truly interested in your success as a franchisee and business partner. They continue to provide me with the help and ideas to maneuver in this challenging business climate. The business model, associated manuals and business software simplify what could be an intimidating start up process. Andy OnCall is with you all the way from prior to opening your doors until you become an established business and beyond.“
Mike Wohlrab, Sarasota, FL
“Our business opened in Spring of 2008 and was affected by the economy downturn like many businesses. However, being part of a successful franchise provided us a safety net. It has a proven business model that works. The turn-key operation along with great franchise support made it easy to start the business and get help on operations along the way. It is a service-based business which had no inventory concerns. I had no previous experience in the construction or home improvement industry. I had no prior management experience. Andy OnCall's simple and reliable business model made it possible for me to start and run the business. After the initial start-up time, I am able to enjoy a balanced lifestyle with more personal time to spend with my family.“
Olivia Li, St. Louis-Northwest, MO
“I was serving on the staff of a local church here in the Tulsa area. After 25 years of full time ministry, I was at a transition point and looking for a business opportunity that I could call my own and invest myself in. I wanted to see how I would do as a business owner. This was a huge transition for me to move from “church work” to operating my own Andy OnCall Franchise. We opened our doors for business here in Tulsa, OK on the last day of March in 2003. We have seen steady growth each year since then, and we were the #5 location in business volume of the 56 Franchises in operation during the 2009 business year.“
Mike Sabo, Tulsa, OK Franchise Owner for 13 yrs, 2003-2016
“I chose Andy OnCall after checking into many other businesses. I eliminated many businesses because they were too expensive for my budget, or they were not something I felt I knew enough about to give me a good chance for success. I liked the Andy OnCall business plan because it is based upon good administration skills, rather than doing the jobs myself. I also liked the fact that I do not have to deal with the headaches associated with having direct employees. All of my craftsmen, and my customer service representative, are sub-contractors, which enables me to be more autonomous and flexible in selecting who is measuring up to my expectations and who is not.“
Chuck Weddel, Tampa, FL Franchise Owner for 7 yrs, 2009-2016
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